Does EZSLOVE INC Offer a Delivery Service? What is the Charge?

Yes we are happy to arrange delivery from our stores to your desired location. Although EZSLOVE INC does not provide our own delivery service each location works with their own trusted independent delivery company that will provide our customers with the best in delivery service. These companies are licensed, bonded and insured and through years of experience delivering our product have become familiar and experienced in assembling and delivering to our customers. Please speak to a EZSLOVE INC sales associate who will assist in arranging the delivery. Each delivery charge is based on: the distance between our store and the final destination, number of items and any other factors such as assembly, and stairs. We can also arrange any out of State/Province shipping a EZSLOVE INC sales associate will be able to provide you with more information on this service depending on the weight, size and destination of the items, costs will vary.

What is your return policy?

Please review our return policy.

Is everything in stock?

At most furniture stores you have to special order your product but at EZSLOVE INC we are unique. We try to have back-up stock of many of our items so that we can offer immediate pick up or delivery for our customers. However, the availability depends on the specific item so its always best to consult a sales associate to confirm availability, as some items may be out of stock, special or custom order. We also replenish from our distribution center on a weekly basis for items that we sell out of.

If something is not in stock how and when can I get it?

If we do not have stock of something we can usually Special Order these items based on floor models in our stores and reserve them for you in our next shipments. As we have on-going orders with most of our suppliers we can make sure you get the product you want before it even arrives to the store. Please note that the delivery time for Special Orders will vary.

When does new product arrive?

At EZSLOVE INC we design and manufacture most of our product. We continually strive to meet the needs of our customers, and are constantly developing new product to do this. There is constant flow of new items arriving to each location on a weekly basis.

Where does your merchandise come from/where is your merchandise made?

EZSLOVE INC selects products from a worldwide marketplace. The majority of our items are manufactured in Asia, Europe and N. America. Countries include China, Vietnam, India, Italy, Canada and USA.

Are your products available in custom sizes?

We do not offer custom sizes currently.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing at any of our locations.

What is EZSLOVE INC warranty policy?

EZSLOVE INC offers a minimum 1 year warranty on all manufacture defects for our products. Certain products may have longer manufacturers warranties that apply please check with a EZSLOVE INC sales associate to confirm what warranty applies to your purchase. Our warranty does NOT apply to As-is and Floor Models