Dear Customers, 


EZSLOVE INC is a supplier in different retails since 2020, and we have plenty of experience about how to be a qualified supplier.  

Our headquarters is in CA, and we also have a branch of operation team in China.  Our team is made of fresh new talent. Especially all of our board were graduated from the University of U.S. They are advanced with the times who inspire and lead our team.

To cover all the U.S, we set our warehouse into the Eastern, Western, and Middle of U.S.  It is one of our strategies so that we can deliver to customers as fast as we can.

We also have our factories. One is for light, the other is for the outdoor sofa. As we all know, Made-in-China always gives us a high-quality and low-cost. We have a research and development department for launch new products. Now we have more than 200 new arrivals coming into Wayfair.

We are so confident we will be the best-seller in Overstock. Here are the lists of our best-sells in other sites.